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Social Marketing Machine For N-Hance

We Charge in Canadian Dollars so you save even more in you are in the USA - $1 CAD currently costs approximately $0.75 US - Where else can you hire someone to do ALL this for ~$270 USD / month?

CAD $350.00



This is the foundation of our Social Marketing Machine Service. This can be purchased as our stand alone Facebook™ Marketing service that we have been providing to N-Hance owners for several years or is a requirement if you are wanting to combine one of our additional Local SEO or AdWords Services. The Best VALUE to N-Hance owners is our Bundled Service which includes all of our services for one monthly price.


Here is what is included in our Social Marketing Machine Base Service:


Facebook Video Ad Funnel Package - A complete sales funnel from ad creation right through to delivery to geographically and interest targeteded Facebook users who live in your territory. We create several Ad campaigns throughout the year and rotate as required to build engagement, brand awareness and generate leads in your market.


Ad Creation: Selection & Editing of high quality HD videos and copy that converts on Facebook. We collect video and photo content from our clients and corporate HQ and turn it into highly engaging, Socially sharable content.

Facebook Message Bot & Social Proof Widget: Get more engagement & Saves with direct contact with leads using our Facebook Messenger Bot. Our new Message bot service acts as an auto engagement tool when people comment on your posts. Of course we manually check for comments and engagement, but the automated message bot is a great way to get prospects to save your posts so they can come back to them later and be reminded in Facebook Messenger... Our Social Proof widget is also used on your landing pages to build confidence amongst website browsers that your service is reliable, trustworthy and worth checking out further.

Landing Page & Lead Capture: We use Landing pages that are designed to convert browsers into leads. Instead of just sending traffic to your website, where they could be lost. We use Landing pages and sales funnels designed to capture interested prospects information, so you can follow up with them by phone and we can stay in touch with them by email. Did you know our email funnel goes out a full 2 years? Sometimes the timing just isn't right when you come across a prospect, stop worrying about following up with all of your leads and estimates by phone, we stay in touch on a Social level, showing them what you have been up to for a full two years... when timing improves for them, N-Hance will still be top of mind.


Drip & Custom Email Follow up:  Drip is our highly automated and intelligent CRM platform where we collect your leads. We also use Drip to install a High Converting Lead Widget on your website to collect more leads when browsers find your website. Drip offers so much more though and we have built in funnels for our N-Hance owners to use for following up with completed Estimates as well as After Sales follow up designed to get more reviews, referrals and viral traction for your website and Facebook pages.


Daily Facebook Posting & Monitoring: We monitor your page and create content posts 5 days a week. Social Marketing is a fantastic way to build your brand, but it is Social, which means it takes engaging with folks who like, share and comment... We take care of this for you, so you can keep your eye on what matters most for you as a busy business owner.


... And So Much More! As a client of our core services, you can send us project photos each week and we will create a mountain of content from this that helps in both engagement on your Facebook page and Search Engine Optimization for your website. We have so many ways to create content from this data, from photo albums with SEO geographic tags to slideshows to simple before and after images to build up your gallery.


*** Important Note: Our Management Fee does not include your Ad Spend for either Facebook or Google AdWords. Your spend should match your marketing budget and can range from $5/day and up on Facebook and we recommend a minimum $10/day and up for Adwords. We suggest ~$30 / Day total Ad spend is the right budget for Local / Regional Businesses... Obviously the reach of your campaigns will be determined by your Ad spend, which is always in your complete control with Alien Run managed services.***


***This is our core service and can be purchased by completing the payment procedure below. If you are wishing to combine our services, we recommend our  Bundled service for N-Hance, Please click here to be re-directed to that check-out page.

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